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  • Clever Little Packaging

    We care about how our products get from us to you. That’s why we offer clever packaging solutions that use sustainable materials, weigh less, and have a better end of life. For instance, we replaced the shoebox with a reusable shoe bag, our
    Clever Little Bag. But we didn’t stop there. We continue to improve our packaging so it’s equally good for you and even better for the planet.

    Meet Our Packaging
    • Clever Little Bag

      We spent 21 months road testing 40 ‘shoebox’ prototypes. The design showed reductions for the environmental impacts studied in our Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), from production to transport to future re-use. The LCA showed that even with the cardboard insert, this packaging uses less paper, fewer megajoules of electricity, and saves over a million liters of fuel oil per year than our traditional shoebox. In late 2012, we updated parts of the
      Clever Little Bag to be a sleeker, smarter version of the original.

      The Making of the Original Clever Little Bag
      • Re-usable Packaging
    • Clever Little Hanger

      Check out this clever hanger! It holds most of our sandals, but is better than our previous hanger. This
      Clever Little Hanger is made of recycled paper pulp, printed with soy-based ink, and is recyclable where facilities exist. The design even recreates the PUMA cat’s tail where footwear is hung. Quite clever, if we do say so ourselves.

      • Recycled Content
      • Recyclable Material
      • Soy Based Ink

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