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  • PUMA Vision

    From product design to collaboration to innovation, creativity underlines everything we do. But we can’t do it alone. Our
    PUMA Creative initiatives bring together individual artists and organizations to provide them with a platform for creative exchange and international exposure. These projects challenge our understanding of the synergy between design, music, and style.

    PUMA Vision invests, partners and works to accelerate positive change toward a more just and sustainable future for our people, our industry and the world. We strive to apply PUMA's 4Keys cultural principles of Fair, Honest, Positive, Creative, in every interaction and action.

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    Documentary Films Programs

    PUMA supports documentary film because it is a medium that can catalyze change and deliver impact faster. Film has the power to reach and influence mass audiences. A good documentary gives you knowledge and insight. It creates empathy. It reaches consumers, voters, politicians, investors, activists and everyone in between. A good documentary gets us thinking about how to live a little better. In September 2010, PUMA launched a long-term partnership with BRITDOC. This collaboration includes a number of key awards and programs to support documentary film, recognizing and rewarding change-making storytellers as powerful vehicles for positive change.

    • PUMACreative Ambassador Award

      Ambassador Award

      The PUMA Ambassador Award is rewarded to advocates and experts in the arts, academics, and journalism. These Ambassadors embody PUMA’s ideals for social change and environmental advocacy.

    • PUMACreative Mobility Award

      Mobility Award

      The PUMA Mobility Awards provides grants to support promising documentary films during production or release.

    • PUMACreative Catalyst Award

      Catalyst Award

      The PUMA Catalyst Award is an international, early-stage grant design to support high-potential filmmaking teams embarking on projects close to PUMA’s heart and vision.

    • PUMACreative Impact Award

      Impact Award

      The PUMA Impact Award is given annually to the documentary of the year that has generated the most significant social influence.

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