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  • PUMA Holiday Longboard Competition

    PUMA Holiday Longboard Competition

    November 28, 2013

    Cruise into the holidays with a brand new PUMA longboard…PUMA has 29 longboards up for grabs this December. “How can I win one?” &ndash...

  • Fishtail Rides - Flight Path - Ride #1

    Fishtail Rides - Flight Path - Ride #1

    November 14, 2013

    PUMA Fishtail Rides is a community activation that brings together like-minded people to explore their city through a series of fixed-gear bike rides. &nb...

  • 庆祝SUEDE诞辰45周年    PUMA推出“源自68年”纪念鞋款

    庆祝SUEDE诞辰45周年 PUMA推出“源自68年”纪念鞋款

    November 12, 2013

    PUMA经典鞋款Suede诞生于1968年,在45年的岁月洗礼之后历久弥新、活力依旧。现在炙手可热的Suede其实有着卑微的开始。1968年墨西哥城奥运会的田径赛场上,著名黑人田径运动员Tommie Smith一举夺得男子200米金牌并打破世界记录,而他携Suede在领奖台上向黑人权力致敬的手势也在全球范围...

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