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June 2010

  • Caramba España

    Caramba España

    June 21, 2010

    Today was the day for the European Champions to show that their setback against Switzerland was a unique occurrence. So they did what they did last time. In short: a lot of ball possession and an offensive strategy that seemed to sum up to - attack, attack and attack, with enough goal opportunities they should come out as winners.

  • Italy Held Back by New Zealand and Ivory Coast's Avid Samba Game Against Brazil

    Italy Held Back by New Zealand and Ivory Coast's Avid Samba Game Against Brazil

    June 20, 2010

    We must begin with the highly anticipated game between Brazil and Ivory Coast. Brazil, with the World Cup's oldest squad (average 29 years), looked several time better than in their last game against North Korea. It was a different team our Les Elephants were facing and it was a game full of energy and passion.

  • The Black Stars Draw and the Heartbreaking Exit of the Indomitable Lions

    The Black Stars Draw and the Heartbreaking Exit of the Indomitable Lions

    June 19, 2010

    Let's begin with our boys from Ghana. They met an avenge-hungry Australia who, after their 0-4 dismal performance against Germany, stepped out on the pitch ready to show everyone that if were only given a fair chance, they'd prove to the world they belong on this stage. And it started well for the Socceroos as they did what they have never done before in a World Cup and scored the first goal. But Ghana were given a gratis opportunity when Australia, for the second game in a row, had a man sent off and Ghana scored the penalty kick for the second game in a row. All the Black Stars had to do now was to win - the stage was set!

  • Serbia Stuns Germany

    Serbia Stuns Germany

    June 18, 2010

    The little too card-happy referee seemed to confuse his role with a croupier and shoved them out. Leading to veteran, Klose being sent off, and only minutes after, something Serbia capitalized on. Boom. Serbia up against Germany. This newly revitalized Germany that has the second youngest average aged squad (25) but fifth most experienced (48 World Cup games in the squad, before the World Cup) and the only team that really impressed in the group stage was now in an unusual position.

  • USA's Comeback and Algeria's Historic Achievement!

    USA's Comeback and Algeria's Historic Achievement!

    June 18, 2010

    USA did what no other team has accomplished in the World Cup since Ivory Coast against Serbia-Montenegro in 2006: coming back from 2 goals down as they drew against Slovenia. But it should have been a win, right? Still a bit puzzled why Edu's last goal was ruled out. At halftime, no much looked in USA's favor after two very nice goals from Slovenia, but it was a different United States that entered the pitch in the second half. A US that went for goals, played really well and showed admirable team spirit. A draw might have been fair over 90-minutes because Slovenia, with just above 2 million citizens and one World Cup appearance (2002 ending in 3 defeats), has really proved themselves a worthy challenger.

  • PUMA's Sprint Your Halls Off: NYC Edition

    June 18, 2010

    This week, PUMA visited eight of the coolest companies in New York City.  Why?  For PUMA's Sprint Your Halls Off (SYHO) challenge, presented by Paragon Sports, of course!  Our goal was to find the fastest company in NYC!  And, we did!

  • Vamos Mexico!

    Vamos Mexico!

    June 17, 2010

    Caramba! Another tournament that looks to end in another fiasco for Les Blues. Even though they both looked and played better than last time against Uruguay, it turned out to be insufficient. Today it was all viva Mexico as they won with 2-0.

  • Heroes from the Alps

    Heroes from the Alps

    June 16, 2010

    Our hats off and warmest congratulations go to our Swiss boys who beat Spain 1-0. Without doubt, the biggest shocker and most amazing achievement of the World Cup (so far).

  • Did Uruguay Silence the Vuvuzelas Now?

    Did Uruguay Silence the Vuvuzelas Now?

    June 16, 2010

    Uruguay beat South Africa 3-0 and everything might be forever changed. A result that could mean that this is the first time in the history of the World Cup that the host nation does not qualify from the group stage. Wow.