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  • When Jamaica Conquered England

    When Jamaica Conquered England

    August 17, 2012

    Jamaica’s track and field athletes reign in London

  • Going the Distance, London-Style

    Going the Distance, London-Style

    August 16, 2012

    PUMA Athletes top the Olympic podium on 16 occasions

    PUMA athletes go the distance. Whether it's 100m. Or 42.195km. And this year’s London Games were no exception to the rules of breaking records, quieting the critics, and turning 4 years worth of training into pure gold.

  • Art Calling

    Art Calling

    August 16, 2012

    The iconic British telephone box gets an artistic makeover

    One of the most iconic sights in London is the red telephone box, and for this summer, they have been given a facelift.

  • Top 3 London Running Routes

    Top 3 London Running Routes

    August 16, 2012

    Our running route favorites in and around London proper.

    The main appeal of running? You don’t need fancy contraptions or certain locations. Running is an ‘any time, any place’ deal. Not to mention it’s a great way to see a city. In London, you never know what’s around the corner. We took some time to test the good, the bad, and the ‘too touristy’ and here are our top 3 London running routes.

  • Top 5 Post-Run Shoreditch Eats

    Top 5 Post-Run Shoreditch Eats

    August 06, 2012

    I love an early morning run, but it’s hard to drag anyone with you at 6:30am and after mile upon mile of making conversation with yourself, well, frankly, it can get a little boring. I’m all for making running a social event, which is why I love an evening run, followed by dinner. When you can gorge yourself on tasty grub with your mates afterwards, suddenly the whole thing is more appealing.